C O N F E T T I   C R O W D

Four creatives documenting our sisterhood and working together to support female empowerment

Ever since I was part of the Instagram community. I have always followed this colourful girl gang C O N F E T T I C R O W D. They just flood your feed with colour and girl and friendship empowerment which is so refreshing. 

When meeting the girls there friendship was so amazing ( FRIENDSHIP GOALS)

Working with the confetti crowd was such a pleasure and to photograph them was so much fun playing with poses with them as a group and individually as they all bring something different to the group. I loved playing with the close-ups as the colours and small sassy details were so interesting to photograph. We were so lucky for such a beaut day so managed to play with backlight too, spending the day with theses girls was so much fun.  

Here are a few favioutes from the shoot: