2016 has been the most amazing year for me. I started @rebeccaspencer_photography on February 1st 2016 and now this is my full-time dream job. Not only is photography my passion but it has now lead me to meet and work with some incredible people and brands.  I graduated from London College of communication in May and been photographing street style since. On this photographic journey, I have created three hashtag series one being #rsbusinesscards which is a series where if you click the link you can view a gallery of lots of people I have shot with and this features a polaroid selfie of myself and my client. Another series I have started is #rscameraselfies which consist of another gallery of selfies of myself in the interesting places I get to shoot and finally #bloggersonfilm being a photographer there is always a love for 35mm film and I really wanted to bring along my old camera and take some portraits of the girls I'm constantly shooting this series is on-going so look out for more coming soon. Some of my biggest Highlights is being awarded the Michael Wilson award for my final major project Twin Me Not and this series was also exhibited at the Beyond the Camera III at Pingyao in September at a photography festival in china.  Full series of images are on my page titled Twin Me Not.

Installation Shot 

Installation Shot 

Being flown around the world to Miami with www.thatpommiegirl.com

Marbella with www.amynevfashiondiaries.com

Working with lots of brands and working on my first champaign video for Simmi shoes. 

Working with Bloggers has been a dream job. To be able to work with such motivated creative people who all support and push each other's to the limits but also who share a vision. Here are some of my favorite images:


More work is all on my youtube channel and Instagram and just started using Tumblr so check it out.

Instagram: @rebeccaspencer_photography 



Bring on 2017 




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